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Want to know more about ABCS? 

that's me, Jahlai

I am the founder and CEO of Angels' Birthing Center Services and Nonprofit Organization

Angels' Birthing Circle.

I'm a Postpartum Nurse, a certified Postpartum Doula, Labor Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist,

Childbirth Educator, and

National Child Passenger Safety Technician.

I started ABCS to fill the missing piece of my passion, birth work. With hard work, dedication, and an excellent support team, you see what ABCS is today.

ABCS is a professional birth-related support business that was established to provide quality custom-fit pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support services.

Here at ABCS, we advocate for ALL pregnancies, birth rights, and ANGELS. We offer private and public childbirth education classes because YOUR knowledge is YOUR power. We know becoming a parent is a one-of-a-kind experience, and we would love to be right by your side throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Did you know that ABCS has skincare products?!

Yes, we do! Our team takes pride in putting out the best of the best by carefully calculating our skincare formulas to cater to your family's skincare needs. With little ones that struggle with different skincare products, it was a huge accomplishment to create skincare products without harsh chemicals, THAT WORK!


We believe your sentimental moments should be cherished forever, so we also added Breastmilk/Keepsake Jewelry to our services.

Check out our Services page for more details on all the services we offer here at ABCS!

To stay up to date with ABCS, subscribe to become a member of our community. You'll have access to our Member's Only Resource Library with FREE handouts!


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